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Empowering Military Personnel with Actionable Intelligence to Save Lives and Accomplish Missions.

Gain invaluable insights that save lives on the battlefield.

Pulse provides secure, intuitive access to real-time intelligence, enabling faster and better-informed decision-making. Our cutting-edge JISR platform transforms data into actionable insights, empowering forces with the situational awareness needed to accomplish missions safely and successfully.

Data-to-Intelligence Platform

Empowers military forces with an innovative data-to-intelligence platform that enhances situational awareness and enables quicker, more informed decisions.

Key Visualisations

Seamlessly converting raw geospatial data into intuitive visualisations, our solution helps commanders gain invaluable insights that save lives on the battlefield.

Real-Time Intelligence

This leading-edge technology has the power to transform military operations worldwide, arming forces with the real-time intelligence needed to accomplish missions safely and successfully.

Urgent Demand for Secure Information Exchange

The need for trusted, confidential information exchange between parties in high-stakes environments.

Safeguarding Streaming Intelligence

Ensuring the integrity and availability of streaming intelligence data.

Empowering Decision Makers with Actionable Insights

Transforming raw data into actionable insights that empower faster, better-informed decision making.

Navigating Organizational Missions

Overcoming challenges in effectively leveraging data reservoirs and aligning them with organisational missions.

Pulse: The Beneficiaries

Pulse is a versatile platform tailored for military forces, crisis response teams, NATO and UN operations, as well as government agencies. It enhances situational awareness, decision-making, and collaboration through secure information sharing, real-time analytics, and effective coordination, making it an invaluable tool for diverse operations in defense, emergency response, and peacekeeping.

Military Forces

Pulse is tailored to support defense and intelligence operations by providing secure information sharing and real-time analytics to enhance situational awareness and decision-making.

Crisis Management Teams

The platform can support civilian operations such as emergency management and community police work that require constant collaboration and data-driven insights during many high-intensity situations.

NATO and UN operations

Pulse is designed to facilitate Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) by enabling effective communication and coordination between the complex network of military and civilian actors involved in peacekeeping missions.

Government Agencies

Departments and agencies that deal with matters of national security, law enforcement, disaster response can benefit from secure data control, seamless workflows, and actionable intelligence provided by Pulse.

Pulse: Revolutionizing Military Intelligence

Pulse provides military and crisis response teams with an advanced knowledge management platform that enables secure, real-time information sharing and collaboration. By integrating siloed data sources into a unified system with sophisticated analytics, Pulse transforms raw intelligence into actionable insights. This empowers faster and better-informed decision making in complex, high-stakes environments.

Specifically, Pulse addresses the lack of interoperability and effective coordination between the disparate military and civilian actors involved in NATO CIMIC operations. Our intuitive platform breaks down communication barriers, aligning priorities between stakeholders and optimising the use of limited resources. Pulse enhances transparency, facilitating knowledge transfer and collaboration through real-time coordination of activities.

With Pulse, military personnel and response teams gain the comprehensive situational awareness and data-driven intelligence they need to carry out missions safely and successfully. 

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